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Delirium Blog Entry: #00003     |     Date: 02/15/2014    |     Subject: DW&S New Website

We're proud to finally launch our brand new re-designed Delirium Wine & Spirits website. Here you will find all of our product information, detailed documents for potential suppliers, our social media feeds as well as all the contact info you would possibly need. We look forward to keeping Nashville informed about all things Delirium as well as local tastings, events and happenings all across Nashville. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay current with the crew and get up to the minute breaking info when it comes to your friends over at DW&S. Cheers!


Delirium Blog Entry: #00002     |     Date: 02/24/2014    |     Subject: Arizona Stronghold

DW&S is excited to announce the release of the new red and white blends from Arizona Stronghold, the winery behind Maynard James Keenan. Maynard James Keenan is, for all intents and purposes, a Rock Star. The co-founder of rock music acts TOOL, a perfect circle, and Puscifer now enters into a new realm where he is an unknown...winemaker.

The Mandala blends are delicious wines at an incredible price point. The red is a blend of 39% Cinsault, 25% Syrah, 25% Petite Syrah, 5% Counoise,4% Grenache & 2% Viognier. On the nose, voluptuous aromas of dark cherry, blackberry and spice emanate from the glass, all of them expanding and deepening when you take a sip. Red plums and pomegranate join the dark fruits with flawless synergy. Then more layers are revealed: tingly black pepper, anise, vanilla and violets. All that fruitiness and perfume is balanced with good acidity, supple tannins and a bit of earth.

The Mandala white is a blend of 87% Viognier, 8% Grenache Blanc and 5% Orange Muscat. Aromatic, rich and generous, with ripe, peach, nectarine, apricot and tangerine flavors that are woven together on a full, lush body with mineral details and juicy acidity. Impressively long finish. Pair this wine with Oysters on the half shell, Creamy cheeses with dried fruits.

Check out their website and learn more about everything Arizona Stronghold has to offer.


Delirium Blog Entry: #00003     |     Date: 02/28/2014    |     Subject: Simon's Trip to France

Simon just got back from an incredible trip to France. Why not check out all his awesome photos HERE


Delirium Blog Entry: #00004     |     Date: 03/01/2014    |     Subject: Viral Vodka Campaign

We will be launching some extensive marketing campaign pushing our fantastic flavored "Viral" vodkas. From Rainbow Sherbert to Salted Caramel, these babies are devilishly delicious and impossible to not strike a chord with your senses. Ask around at your favorite spots for Viral. Before long, all of Nashville will be going viral.

Check out all of the flavors HERE


Delirium Blog Entry: #00005     |     Date: 03/03/2014    |     Subject: Coney Island Carlo

We will be bringing Coney Island Carlo into the Nashville market any day now. Keep a look out for these tremendous spirits. The great spirit of Coney Island captured with these unique and truly delicious line of hand-crafted artisanal spirits. You will absolutely fall in love with these terrific products.

Why not check out more about the company HERE


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