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Supplier Information

Tennessee is divided into 4 geographic sales regions. DWS distributes to the middle TN region which is centered around Nashville. Being a franchise state, suppliers must register their business with a specific distributor through the Tennessee ABC. There is a yearly license fee based on the number of cases sold, $150 for 100 or less cases and $250 if more than 100 cases will be delivered. Once a license is obtained with the ABC, labels must be registered with the Tennessee department of revenue. There is no charge for label registration on wine and beer. Liquor does have an annual fee for brand registration. After labels have been approved, the product can then be shipped to TN and sold through DWS.

Supplier Checklist:

Department of Revenue:

p>We will assist in coordinating this and ensuring that it happens as efficiently as possible. The Distribution Territory Agreement will be filled out by DWS and then sent to you to sign and date. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call.

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