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Chateau Borie De Noaillan Rose

About the Vineyard: “Château Borie de Noaillan, a family estate next to Vignol, it is located in the middle of

Domaine Le Vieux Lavoir Perlé Rosé

About the Vineyard: Le Vieux Lavoir is one of two estates owned by the Roudil Jouffret family, who have been making

El Cipres Sangiovese Rose

About the Vineyard: The viticultural history of the Correas family began in 1860 when Don Segundo Correas built the family’s

Enlightenment Bobal Rose

About the Wine: Bobal is a red grape grown in the area of Utiel-Requena and Manchuela, whose main characteristics are

Haut de Buisson Rose

About the Vineyard: Haut de Buisson is made by a cooperative using sustainable farming by the young winemaker Martin Grellety.

Perle Rose

About the Wine: Perle Rose was born from a desire to get off the beaten track, from a desire to

Saveurs du Temps Rose

About the Vineyard: “Set on the right bank of the Rhône, a few steps from the historic site of the